Rune Gauntlets Rare Item

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I have a Rune gauntlets item which I found. It won't stack with other rune gauntlets in bank or when noted. It's not because of upgrades. It also can't be sold on GE. Unlike the usual "A pair of rune gauntlets" examine, my gauntlets have the examine "I have to keep my hands safe!"

What's up with that?
Is it worth anything as a rare item?

21-Mar-2019 15:02:24

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First of Guthix mini-game reward item from a handful of years back, I imagine.

If it's untradeable, it's worth nothing.. clearly. If you want to pride the entirety of your account in considering it as a rare item, that's fine too and more power to you, champ.

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21-Mar-2019 16:05:09

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It is not rare and will be worth nothing. Its possibly a bug, which has happened before and eventually such items are fixed so they will not become a rare, and it would be a waste of time to try to treat it as a rare when it is not intended to be one. Similar items were overlooked in the past and eventually corrected once discovered, Jagex will not let such items become rare. Hi.

21-Mar-2019 20:41:14

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