A reason OSRS has more players

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After seeing many threads of people asking where their items and stats are, I figured out why OSRS has more players.

People keep calling RS3 the new game, and they think OSRS is the old game they used to play.

They actually have it backwards, OSRS is the new game started in 2013 but based on a 2007 game save, while RS3 is the game they used to play, but looks different due to updates so players think RS3 is new but it is actually the older game.

People want to play what feels familiar, so they go to OSRS because its closer to what they remember with the old combat system.

Both games have had updates, but returning players choose the game that plays closest to what they remember, in their minds it is the older game, ironically OSRS is actually the newer game while RS3 is the older game, but with a new combat system.

Players are confused thinking RS3 is a newer game, but its not, it has just changed due to updates.

But players will play what feels familiar, and OSRS feels more familiar despite it being a newer game, because it is based on the older game.

So that is why OSRS has more players now. This doesn't mean OSRS is a better game, it just is more familiar feeling to players. Had it been the opposite, and had EOC combat been what players grew up with and used to play, that would feel more familiar and RS3 would likely have more players instead. Its just a matter of what feels familiar and comfortable to play. Something you know VS something that feels new and different to play.

23-Jun-2019 22:52:56

Rusty Saw
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True. I enjoy playing RuneScape 3 more than OSRS simply because it has a lot more content than OSRS, better graphics etc. Yes combat is totally different but I like how RuneScape 3 is and I think it'll only get better. I can't wait for the big announcement at RuneFest. [
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23-Jun-2019 23:05:01

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OSRS is technically no longer 'OSRS'. While the combat system and graphics may appear the same - they have a hell of lot newer content that and armour/tiering system that no longer makes it the nostalgic game it once was.
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23-Jun-2019 23:05:23

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Nostalgia and familiarity are definitely some of the primary driving factors behind the popularity of Old School RuneScape. A lot of people that are coming back due to mobile are doing so not only because of the convenience of being able to play RuneScape on-the-go, but they can also do so without spending a whole lot of time trying to learn what's new in RuneScape 3.

You're 100% correct that Old School is the new game, and you're also spot on with the fact that due to the familiarity of the mechanics and gameplay resembling that of what it was over a decade ago, RS3 does indeed feel like a "new game" to someone coming back.

Even I feel like I know a little more about Old School than I do RS3 just because that's the one I grew up with and the fact that I still haven't had time to sit down and fully grasp the new concepts in RS3. I know enough to have fun and enjoy my time in the game, but if anyone who's been paying attention over the past several years happened to observe my methods of gameplay from my ability bar set-up to my methods of training skills, they would agree with me when I say I play in a very classic (or, Old School, if you will) fashion.

For what it's worth, I'm happy for others to enjoy playing either or both games if they choose. I play both games - which comes in handy when I feel like I've hit a block and don't know what to do next in one version, I just switch and play the other for a bit.

There are so many reasons for any one player to prefer or favor one version over the other - and that's completely ok. We're all having fun playing RuneScape and that's all that really matters. :)

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23-Jun-2019 23:14:05

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RS3 is the game with NEW GAME PLAY, not the new game. OSRS is the newer game with OLD game play.

Games with NEW GAME PLAY typically show lower concurrent player count because NEW SCHOOL PLAYERS on the average play 30-60 minutes a day only, but concurrent players absolutely don't mean the total numbers of unique players playing the games.

It is totally up to anybody to either enjoy RS3 with NEW GAME PLAY and other players who typically spend less time online or OSRS with OLD GAME PLAY and other players who typically grind hours a day.

Oh. Let me also tell you Jagex actually has more than 8 million active users, not just the mere 100k-ish concurrent users. This should tell you 2 things, (1) most of the 8 million active users don't spend a lot of time online that's why you don't see a higher concurrent player count and (2) there are more than enough active players to play with in both RS3 and OSRS. :)

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Nostalgia! Ironically, that's the name for the emulator. But, I have the original console. So I'm still waiting for the RuneScape version for my Mattel Intellivision. Hopefully they don't make an Atari version, since the graphics would be terrible!
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24-Jun-2019 00:48:09

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Krystelle said:
If what you said is correct, it also proves that there are more old players than new players.

If this comment is meant for me, then not exactly.

Here is the official Fukong Interactive report on Jagex's 2018 operation details:

At the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018, Jagex had 4.0828 mil active users. At the end of the year of 2018, that number jumped to 8.0063 mil. So, just between June and Dec 2018, 4 mil new players (or almost the same as the old players) came in addition to the about 4 mil old ones.

You can search that document for "ARPPU" and find a table detailing these numbers.

Fukong said the huge jump in active users and ARPPU were due to their promotions with Twitch and their spendng in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

24-Jun-2019 00:51:59

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