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Not long ago, I read a thread about the lack of examine in RS and I had to agree. There are lot of things in RS that are potentially great for creative / fun examines. The purpose of this thread is share your ideas.

Post images of objects in game that you think they need an examine or a better examine and you can write an examine of your own for them.

If you do not know how to post images on the RSOF, below is a guide.

How To Post Images on The RSOF

Remember to respect the forums / game rules.
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i didnt agree with the first thread that was out. and still same now.

changing examines is a bit of a meh thing now. they work as intended to be informative.

sure they could be more funny or entertaining but why?

but im sure ill have fun reading some new examines here from people that arent so cynical like i am

if this thread kicks off
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25-Mar-2019 10:02:19

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I like to examine things but most of the time I am too busy to worry with it.

I am gonna admit I have had fun times examining things but it just isnt
necessary for my overall happy expierence.
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25-Mar-2019 10:42:04

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