Players Asking formoney ingame

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When I started playing runescape years ago I never expected there to be beggars asking for money in the games . But in Runescape I have seen many.
Does Jagex not have any Rules against players asking for money ?
Just because they are Runescape coins Does not mean that its fake money because Jagex basse its runescape coins on either using Real money or runescape coins on Purchasing Membership. Why should we have to do hard work such as mining for ores for months on end just to give it to some other Low Life Scum ??

23-Sep-2019 05:53:54

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Just like Jeremy Cheng said, no one can "force you" to give them anything. A lot of members use begging as a way to make money, some reward for you being generous. Begging is always something that will happen. It's nothing Jagex can control.

That being said, remember to never trade anything valuable to someone who asks, even if they are nice. Give tips n tricks on how to make money and offer support if needed. Use the "Loan" option if you can. No one can force you to trade them anything. Stay safe, and if things get out of hand use the report button and Add to your ignore list.

Have a great day! ^^

23-Sep-2019 06:27:15

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It's pretty much just like the others above said... just ignore them. There is nothing that says you have to give anyone anything and there's nothing to stop them from asking. If a player in particular is pestering you, throw their name on your ignore list. More information about adding players to your ignore list on both RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape can be found on the Ignore List support article, if you need it.

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23-Sep-2019 07:56:27

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If no one fed the beggars GP then beggars would not exist on the scale they infest the game.

I think some people think they are doing a good turn to lavish GP on anyone who begs. This is not real life where people have fallen on hard times - need food - shelter - clothing. Runescape provides all those things and many ways to earn your own GP.

Career begging seems to be another game within a game these days, often the beggar will want to open a trade screen to boast their amassed begging wealth.

23-Sep-2019 09:27:18

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Begging is part of the game and has been for many many years.

If you feel in a good mood you could give a few coins for a cup of tea. If not then ignore them.

If people want to play the game as beggers then it's up to them. No rules against it.

If they look poor I may give them a few million. If they have a Party Hat on they will get a giant Raspberry. They get nothing. They are rich enough.
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23-Sep-2019 09:29:20

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I have on occasion helped out a random stranger with a few mil.

But if someone is sayiing their bond is running out in 10 min and they have
a staff of sliske override that has blood dye on it. Then they are not getting
anything. They should have saved some b4 they got the blood dye.

But now if they only have staff of sliske and its not dyed then well..

then they can sell it.
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23-Sep-2019 10:09:02

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