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I found this post on Reddit today. I do not have a Reddit account and only found out about the post via a Discord Server I'm in that links Reddit posts by J-mods.

I do not have a Reddit account to reply, so I've posted here instead. I've not been able to find a related post on the official forums here, so forgive me if I overlooked one.


Posted by u/Shaunyowns (Mod Shauny)

Java client, do you still use it?
Hey everyone,

I wanted to create this post to gather feedback from players who use the Java client. It goes without saying that we're now at this point that is only a matter of time until we get rid of Java as only a small percentage of our players use it.

At the time of this post we can't give a date on the removal but we'd like to use this opportunity for you to give us feedback on why you're not using the NXT client so we can improve it for you.

If you feel like your PC can't run NXT, please include the specs of your PC so we can take a look!

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I still use the Java client and prefer it over NXT.

I use NXT sometimes when I'm doing something I need to see into the distance for (like finding a roaming penguin to herd).

But while some of the NXT graphics look nice, it's not what I play Runescape for.

My eyes are getting old and tired in my advancing years and pretty graphics just make things difficult sometimes. I like the fact that in Java so many things are easier to see, like the shadow realm penguin and divine carpet dust from my magic carpet. Even the luminous wisps in southern Sophanem (in NXT the color blends too well with the sand).

Yes, there are skyboxes and filters, but it just complicates the game for me to have to keep adjusting settings to see better in Draynor, Slayer Tower, Desert, Daemonheim dungeons, etc.

And I absolutely hate the pop-up when I load the NXT graphic reminding me that my graphics card driver is over 6 months old. Some of us aren't constantly updating our entertainment avenues.

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I go between the two. Some things I can see better in Java. Some things I can ONLY see in Java.

Thanks for reposting the JMod post, Lyrehca.
Awesome that Jagex use their own official forums to gather feedback ... oh wait .... :|
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I scrapped Java when NXT was first released and never looked back.
It had some minor flaws, but someone has to find them and report them to make it better.

Java support is holding back RS from becoming something even better than it already is.
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