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That's no different from concept art for new locations, armour etc. Look at the concept art for those yeti's that were for that quest added around December last year, look at the concept art for I don't know.. elite dungeons - anything, it never looks that good.

Hell, hardly any games that aren't restricted by what RS is even look that good. The only times they do is when they're heavily modded but by that point it's already exceeding the standard that the majority can run/support with the machines they own, so developers don't cross that line.

27-Jun-2019 12:01:26

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Dong U Dead said:
This is what I would like to see in-game.

I've lost count on how many times I've said that in response to concept art Jagex has put out, e.g. how detailed the drakewing outfit looked in the concept art but was completely butchered when added to the game.

Dong U Dead said:
Could this be a possibility?

Even if it was, I hope Jagex doesn't waste time and money on it; they'll never be able to compete with other games in terms of pretty graphics, so they should instead stick to one art style and keep it consistent. Gameplay matters a lot more in Runescape.
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27-Jun-2019 14:16:02

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With the Concept art it's 1 picture which looks awesome even if I say so myself.

Our characters are made up of many many many polygon's and gets very distorted. So not sure how Jagex can add life like faces to our RS characters.

Nice idea and thoughts but to add in game I'm not sure it can be done.
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Would be nice to see them update character models and npcs. But they went the defeatist route and said a rework would take a long time cause they have to redo every armor and item to make it all fit.

Zooming in on people's faces really shows the lack of detail, its a shame. Just updating the head and face would go a long way.

28-Jun-2019 01:07:08

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