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Blackwing said:

Transcendent said:
MTX that lets you pay to get something cosmetic sooner is fine, as long as you can earn the item by taking longer without missing out.

Eh, didn't you just say the opposite prior to this with the timegating and fear of missing out, having to grind unhealthy amounts? Even if the grind was possible to do at any time, it'd still be intentionally designed boring grinding, and that's not pro-consumer at all.
It's an RPG though. RPG's are mainly about the grind, the whole journey aspect of it, not the end-game. Realisticly, without the grind, there is nothing really to an RPG. That's just the reality of it all.

The real problems are A: the double dipping, and B: the gacha mechanics.

If they have membership, they don't need MTX. Choose one or the other. And gacha mechanics which involve any kind of currency that you buy with IRL cash should be outright banned. There is a reason there are regulations that casions have to abide by, such as limiting ages for gambling, and haveing X amount of payouts for the slots in a set amount of pulls or they get shut down.

If companies want to do what Gamefreak did originally and out in a gambling center that you participate in solely with currency obtained in-game, that's fine. But they should keep IRL cash out of it.

Any kind of MTX they put in should be direct, up-front payments, and they should only be present in completly F2P games, where there are absolutely no other purchases or subscriptions need to play the full game.
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