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I cant login to the game! I don't know what to do or who to contact as there is no email regarding account issues. I set an authenticator through my old phone with this account so every time I put in the password it asks for the authenticator and i dont have access to that anymore. so then i send a email to recover the account and none of the emails send to the email attached to my account. i went and tried to change the email on the account and maybe see if that would do anything but it doesnt because none of the emails are sending. I cant use this account all i can use is the forums. I really need someone to help me out. is there a email or a phone number i can reach jagex? help please.

21-Mar-2019 23:33:08

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There is an account help forum section towards the bottom of the sections list, this thread would have better fit there. However, back to your issue..

-Did you check Spam folder?
-Was the amount of time waited reasonable? I have done things via email in the past and the emails sometimes may be delayed for a decent amount of time. Though if you tried yesterday and still no email today, probably not the case.

All the advice I have for you. Sorry.

21-Mar-2019 23:38:04

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