1 rs item to have IRL

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I would either choose an item that would extend my life or one that would make me extremely wealthy/give me skills to make myself wealthy. I’m having trouble deciding what though

For life extension:
Portent of life, 99 Def Cape (or comp/max cape with this as one of the perks), ring of life, Sara brew 4 dose, strength potion 4 dose seem like potentially candidates
For wealth:
Full gem bag, probably basic version is better then the upgrade because idk how much dragonstones would be worth irl
Large cash bag: ~1m gold coins not bad, assuming a weight on 1 oz per coin that would be ~ $1.4bil probably more than the gems, but based on the size of ammys and necklaces I game the gems are pretty huge I’ll have to do the estimated price later
Extreme invention potion 4 dose could be interesting, I might be invent a revolutionary technology, high risk, high rewards potentially
Maybe a huge Phoenix lamp, could permanently boost a skill of my choice with chance for extra wishes (haven’t decided which yet)
Assuming I’m currently lvl 1 at everything, some of the quest do reward lamp/books might be better for improving myself

Still can’t decide lol good topic

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