Any1 else here the old foums?

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Does anybody else here miss the good old days of the Runescape Forums before Reddit was popular? Don't get me wrong, I like the Runescape Reddit forums too but nothing beats Jagex's own website forums, in my opinion. I just wish that more people were on here like there use to be. :)

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Furry Death
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Furry Death

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Well... i like these forums more for not being as toxic as reddit, whenever you make a mistake here someone corrects you and that's it. On reddit however they need to dislike and punch your karma into a pulp, which is why i like trying to help people here more then on reddit. :)

13-Aug-2019 14:01:48

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There was a time I tended to get more out of using the forums than playing the game. At one time it got to the point where friends and clan members would slate me for spending too much time here and not enough time ingame.

The forums today feel so different compared to 10 years ago but as people grow, the community grows and adapts too so it would never have stayed the same, but I guess social media has had a huge impact too :(

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13-Aug-2019 15:51:44

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I don't think Reddit is toxic. They downvote you, particularly if you are trolling.... or they flat out remove your posts if you are target attacking. I actually like it, especially when they spank the target attackers.

Personally, I prefer Facebook well over Reddit for Runescape Information. Very often, the first hand Jagex information or leaks come out of FB first since they are updated every day or two instead of a week in the RSOF or Reddit. Of course, FB is becoming even more informative with the addition of the FB Companion.

Regarding the RSOF, regretfully their role is diminishing since they are not as informative due to less Jmod attention, and very toxic due to a few (the silver lining is just a few but not most) of the users are very hostile and vocal against the others who don't share their goals of the small circle of interests they are from.

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FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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Yes, I miss the old golden days of the RSOF. It was top fun.

But nothing stays the same forever and most people have moved on .... and away.
Even me, increasingly.
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13-Aug-2019 16:55:23

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Of course! I remember when we used to have over TWENTY J-Mods in Community Management. General was very active and you would see a new thread every 20-30 seconds. That was the Golden Age of the Forums when J-Mods were so active and social media wasn't as important as it is right now.

13-Aug-2019 18:44:21

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