Potion Flask as Default Please

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No support. It was bugged for months and got fixed. Every other crafting item works the same way.

Molten glass always defaults to light orbs (who uses them? and not tradable)
Fletching magic logs defaults to stocks even when most people will want either of the bows
Dragonhides will always default to the highest level item
Ports armours defaults to highest level even when helms are worth more

The list can go on forever so why should flasks be any different? If people want to afk or not focus on what they doing then they should lose out over someone who is watching what they do and be rewarded for it and that applies to any part of the game.

All you have to do is make 1 flask and it remembers the last item you made but ogre flasks was bugged as it never remembered what you made so they kept defaulting to normal flasks.

If you lot are really having a hard time to remember then use bank presets with 9 or less glass and it will always default to potion flasks.

26-May-2019 15:58:41

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