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mudkiip said:
osrs is getting more content
it's easier to develop formudkiip said:
and its a click and watch game
News flash: So is RS3.

mudkiip said:
osrs is 8x the gold ratio to rs3
How the fuck is that relevant to the rate at which RS3 gets updates?

mudkiip said:
osrs is afk to 99 melee stats starting at 40 attack and 40 prayer
RS3 literally has afk prayer training methods. On top of every other skill. Go buy 200m agility with silverhawks.

mudkiip said:
rs3 last semi-decent content: solak - Release\t29 May 2018
What system of measurement are you using to designate something "semi-decent content." IMO Solak and other changes which shift the balance of the game in favor of PVM over any other aspect in the game is poor. And we've had tons of PvM updates lately, so IDK what you're complaining about.

mudkiip said:
in reality i can play gwd1 and click once in osrs, get more gold than end game bosses in rs3
News flash: That's because armors in osrs have higher demand because it's a more popular game. You only need so many sets of armor in RS3 and there aren't enough new players to maintain demand.

mudkiip said:
are you really going to fix rs3? lol
AFAIK they aren't removing EoC, so no.
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04-Apr-2019 23:33:01

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