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After two days of mining on my HCIM, I finally had enough rune bars to finish off my 99 fletching.
After spending several more hours smelting them, I found that it takes a grueling ~35 seconds to smith a single rune bar into arrowheads!

Put into perspective, 35 seconds is enough time to: Watch half an advert / walk to the front door 0.85 times / Take a toilet break (male) 0.6 times / Watch 1/60th of a TV show / Wash 1.5 dishes without drying hands / Make a tweet or type two sentences - all while having to click up to 6 times per minute.

My suggestion:

Make smithing ammo take less time to complete
(high intensity smithing - doesn't have to be good xp)


Allow us to smith multiple bars into ammo at once - so that at least it's AFK

Cheers :)

[Edit: added some more words and stuff whatever back to smithing]

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Agreed. I think the time that it takes to smith arrow heads in particular, needs to be rethought. Support. AKA: Arbr**** Vie (She with the unreasonably filtered name.)

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Maybe they could just increase the amount of arrowheads we receive to compensate for the amount of time that has been added.

It should definitely let you make multiple iterations at once though.

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