Max Cape Removal?

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DrauDaedolon said:
From the proposal, which you can read in full at
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We’ve spoken about all the improvements we’re making, but what about the existing Completionist and Trimmed Completionist Capes? We don’t want to abandon them, or devalue the accomplishments of the players who have them.

So, our current pitch for the existing Comp and Trimmed Comp would be to effectively ‘freeze’ them. The current Comp Cape and Trimmed Comp Cape would become ‘Legacy’ versions of themselves and be renamed appropriately. These Legacy versions would:
- Keep all their existing requirements
- Would still be obtainable and could still be worn post-rework.
- Would never have any of their requirements added to, changed, or removed.
- Wouldn’t have stats or non-stat benefits, but you’d still have access to them thanks to the changes proposed earlier in this document.

This means that, if you already have a Comp or Trimmed Comp Cape, you get to keep it and, if you’re close to getting one, you can keep working towards it.

Thank you for posting a quote specifically about the comp capes in a thread about the max cape.
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14-Mar-2019 16:14:27

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