Bulkier character models

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8-bit Ant
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8-bit Ant

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I keep going back to the concept art for the male Bandos Warpriest outfit and thinking how much cooler it looks compared to in game and I can't help but feel like it all comes down to player character models looking so lean and slim.

I recognise however that changing model proportions would be an astounding amount of work as many armour models may need variations to prevent issues like clipping.

Nevertheless, I think this would be a great addition to the game and felt like sharing.
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Neuro Agent
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Neuro Agent

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I'd like a more detailed character, specifically in the hands & feet area. It always bugs me how characters can be barefoot in games but absolutely zero attention is given to them, and the hands. And instead you end up with loaf feet and meat mitts.

All in all, would be nice see a more detailed model over all.

20-Oct-2018 14:32:54

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Hope they get around to doing a Character model rework one day. Wouldn't mind size changes if they threw it in.

Menaphos char faces compared to the player is like a world difference of detail.

26-Oct-2018 20:14:48

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