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How are you still nowhere near close to releasing RS Mobile? I get OSRS Mobile is simpler but I’ve played quite a bit of it and it’s fantastic and super easy to use.

Now you try telling us the main reason you want to hold it off is because you want to make sure new players don’t quit? To expand a tutorial?

Veterans are quitting the regular version mostly because you hardly update the game and when you do it’s extremely underwhelming. For the past year you’ve said this is the result of working on RS mobile.

So stop working on a tutorial and get a game out that actually works. Reading the mobile threads and it seems like people can’t even get the game to work. This is utterly embarrassing.

I had such high hopes for this but the rs3 team continues to show it is no where near as competent as the OS team. It’s probably about time to just go to OS full time.

I miss the good ole rs3. It’s clearly gone

19-Dec-2018 06:12:14

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So when they try to finish an update correctly, they get whinny bitches that say it's too long, and when they release an unfinished update they get whiny britches crying it's not polished.
Jagex can never win

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They said they are going to add a couple more tutorial features for the big haul of new players. Regarding actual bugs... there are basically nothing they can even mention. So, the very good news is it is technically ready to be released already.

Regarding their own question:

"What we’re working on right now"

Jagex's has this very promsing and relaxing comment:

"Just relaxing in Prifddinas, you know how it goes..."

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The only issue is the UI isn't exactly how they want it, they want to create a tutorial specifically for mobile users who are new who wont have any idea what each icon is for etc... it's all reasonable stuff, i'm glad theyre actually ironing out the details instead of just launching.

20-Dec-2018 00:42:30

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I got into the beta as soon as it opened, and yet I still can't play the game: it crashes in the lobby, and Jagex *still* haven't fixed that. So from my point of view, from the POV of someone who has the app installed, I can't tell that *any* progress has been made in nearly 3 months.

So as a result I pretty much lost all interest in mobile. I'll update the app each time I see there's an update available, load the game, crash in the lobby (or on the title screen), then forget about RS Mobile for another few weeks while I wait for the next update. I don't know why I keep the app installed; I don't think I'm ever going to get anywhere with it, and my interest in RS3 is evaporating fast due to numerous factors such as being nearly maxed (thus nearly done), finding other better games to play, Jagex not releasing any noteworthy updates for a long long time, and future most-wanted updates being flat-out cancelled.

20-Dec-2018 21:52:13

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Not to mention on reddit they just announced they are killing the bank rework. Which is another update they claimed to be focusing recources on.

Btw. Glad a member who brags about how long they were f2p can chime in. They clearly aren’t helping our game

21-Dec-2018 05:31:17



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Tutorials are there to help you get started in the game.
The combat. The skills. The UI.
The Tutorial Island tutorial is a holdover. It doesn't even cover many of the skills that came out since 2002-2003 (agility? thieving? those aren't even in there.)
Even then, they are cramming a lot of stuff into that tutorial. And it's still not enough.
Players either have to find out on their own how things are done, or get a lot of help from veterans. (There are A LOT of settings now in the UI.)

None of the tutorials that have come out really cover the mobile UI.

21-Dec-2018 06:24:26

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