next skill to 120?

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Beastbread said:
Summoning is the most likely candidate. I myself wouldnt mind seeing a construction rework with 120 con added with it.

Definitely summoning, no questions asked really.

After that, something else combat-related. Prayer, possibly? Regardless, they'll all be 120 content someday despite the promises made by the company from the introduction of 120's.

We all saw this coming tho.
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Sleepy Cat said:
absolutely summoning. after that i'd say att, str, and def.

If they do att, str and def then they would have to do range and magic at the same time or the misbalanlce would be atrocious.

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If they -had- to do another 120, I'd say Summoning.

Not only do they have something resembling a plan for it, but it's only trained on BXP weekends. Extending it to 120 with a slight rework would be ideal.

Personally speaking, I don't want them to do more 120s, just more reworks.

The current skills are skewed too terribly to have solid foundations for an extra ~7 level 99s tacked onto them. Level 60 materials take level 90 to harvest. Level 40 gear takes 70s to craft. Some skills barely have tangible effects (Firemaking [although it's getting some credit for the heat mechanic in the new Smithing], Agility).

I'd like them to get Woodcutting, Crafting, Runecrafting, Fletching in line, then maybe Summoning, then look at other skills...

... THEN think about more 120s.
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19-Nov-2018 18:57:51

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I'm with steelweaver on this one too. It's why i'm so happy they are doing the smithing and mining rework. The crafting systems make no sense since they were geared to the system that they were originally created with over 15 years ago. Next i'd like them to do crafting in a rework too.

Realistically, summoning I think is the closest to the theme they have been playing lately too for the next candidate for 120. The farming skill even has pets now. But as far as any other combat stat goes, it is fairly complicated. If you make combat 120 stats, then we will need armour and weapons for the levels and new content. If you have new armour and weapons for the stats, then smithing, crafting stats will need to reflect that too. Realistically, I think they'd sooner do 120 in crafting and mining and smithing stats than they would extend out combat ones. Also, we don't even have tier 99 armour and weapons yet, so there's still some room for them to add in more content in those stats anyway.

23-Nov-2018 23:44:33

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I mean - ideally they would work up the remaining support skills first, but except for summoning (and I think I can recall I've seen hunter mentioned somewhere sometimes) nothing had been mentioned yet. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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