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I am sure "Runescape Remastered" will at least have things like Purple Skin, emotes, teleport animations and fashionscape... but shrug... they have these things in the other games too. O_o

They may or may not have bonds, TH, SGS, but they also may or may not just replace one of more of these MTX mechanics with randomized enhancements/buffs/perks etc.

MTX is an integral part of Jagex. Jagex's games have MTX but they are not MTX based. There is no reason to think "Runescape Remastered" is "MTX based". :)

02-Jul-2019 01:46:51

Challeng3r 2

Challeng3r 2

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Runelower said:
I always viewed rs like minecraft which doesn't really need or wants to become the next "crysis" in terms of graphics. Low req and accessibility is what made this game so popular.

I view it similar though less Minecraft and more old PS1 like Spyro. Yes its graphics lag behind but almost everything from the stories, the setting, the music and the very strong medievil identity more than make up for it. You take them away and the game risks becoming a standard fantasy MMO which would kill RuneScape completely. Its identity seperates it from everything else.

As for RS:remaster. I don't think Jagex would not implement F2p. Its a huge part of why the current RuneScapes succeed and they know it. F2p plays a vital role in RuneScape as it gives players a chance to properly learn the game before they take the jump to members and lets them keep playing while they wait to return to members. If RuneScape didn't have F2P and just had a short trial most of up would have left years ago and never would have invested to the point of dreaming about going past the Gate that seperates Falador and Taverly.

02-Jul-2019 08:52:13



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canafford said:
Still baffles me how people keep blaming the developers for MTX in games... Do you think the developers want MTX in a game they care about? Do you think developers earn more money because of it? Ofcourse not! Company executives decide about financial matters like these,
the developers have no choice to listen or lose their job
if they don't do what the executives tell them to do. How's this not logical to everyone? Stop blaming developers.

That's a choice, which is the opposite of no choice. If you don't get that I don't see how anyone can help you.

02-Jul-2019 09:38:24

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