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Lord Drakan said:
B I L L Y said:
Ethereal199 said:
Please consider phasing out the Java client in the near future.

It's causing unnecessary development time, as Jagex has to make sure each update runs on the current NXT client and the outdated Java client. It's holding the majority of players (who are using the NXT client) back from experiencing RS in its full potential because of the Java client's limitations.

I don't think getting rid of more rs3 players is very smart but hi as long as your game looks better the rest can leave right


NXT just doesn't work for some players, not to mention it's plain unfinished; cutscenes released prior are broken, as is the camera in Conquest (may have been fixed last week?), chatheads lack textures (same bug as in Java DirectX but worse, which is why I play in Java OpenGL)...
They fixed the camera bug, but now the game doesn't display your command points properly. Which while someone can play if they know how..., yeah.
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