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Kim Hellsing

Kim Hellsing

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I have been having this idea for this game for a long time now, can you guys recall to darkscape? Yeah the competitiveness of darkscape was exilierating, something that's lacking with our current game. So here is some food for thought. You notice how the wilderness is so small compared to the rest of the map, it's the wilderness it should be huuuuuuge! It should be at least the size of gielinor itself filled with monsters loot lost ruins dungeons , no banks you have to use your skills to survive and make plenty of money so there would be thing like fishing spots and other things to keep yourself alive. And of course other players are able hunt you down and kill you for your loot. So what do ya do you gather your clanmates to help you with your adventures. That way we can have proper clan wars that actually means something. Just like the good old days. Hope this doesn't get lost in the forums, if you like this idea support this so it can get attention, thank you have a goodnight!!

10-Jun-2019 01:22:18

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The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion on updates to RS3 that are already in development or on the drawing table.

For RS3, please use the Game Content Suggestions Forum to submit suggestions for new content or the Existing Game Content Forum to submit suggestions for improving current content. That is where the developers and other players are looking for it.

Suggestions relating to Old School, should be posted in the Old School Content Suggestions Forum.

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10-Jun-2019 04:13:33

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