RS3 Future Expansions Theory

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They gave up on the expansions concept cause they couldn't work fast enough.

Not sure if any could be this summer. I think 1 ,2,5 stand a good chance one day.

Think zeah was on a poll with other stuff, idk if it was highly rated. I think the arc was pretty well liked. Fossil Island remains an unfinished concept from the varrock museum think it has a decent hype behind it.

I think 3,4,6 are not too likely.

People hate the wilderness and BH was dead so doubtful they will waste more time on another failed region. For 6 they had the zombie survival tournament which didn't go well so I doubt they'd revisit that area for a while. For 4 I see people talk about the priffs' mining districts ladders letting us go underground,idk if its something they'd do though.

13-May-2019 21:21:15

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