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I was only able to play it a few times way back when thaler came out. Seems you are only able to play it on its 2 specific worlds as the game forces you to play there. No one actually played it seriously though, they just wanted their reward and died quickly over choosing to play.

I think that's the sad state of minigames that they could remove almost all of em and no one would really notice. I do somewhat agree that it is a bad trend of just delete over trying to fix. But sadly the input of effort wouldn't be worth the output they get of 0 people using it.

If they did boost rewards to fix the game and not delete, you can see how bounty hunter turned out to see how it would just become boost city over actual playing and enjoying the content.

So long as people still get the titles and rings via the replacement activity (think that's what they were planning), I doubt the vast majority will be bothered by the games deletion.

Sadly I think its the better option given the cards they are dealt with all the backlogs and time they would have to spend to rework. And I think they are deadset on not changing the tune for removal.

15-Oct-2018 21:29:59

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