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So I've just got a nice

We all recognise after you've killed a couple of bosses you want to know how much loot you've got, right? Maybe at the end of the day or immediately after the boss.

We know that many bosses after you pick up the loot it will shows a tab with the loot contained.
Along with the options "Send to bank", "Put in Inventory" or "Discard all". (or something like that)

Some examples are: Araxxor, Barrows brother's, Telos (kind of), etc etc.

Some bosses don't do that. Each time they give up and get on their knees they leave a single piece of loot on the floor. Not sure or something like that already exists but if not, another idea is to add a special loot window if you want to pick that pile up. With the options I mentioned above.

Some examples are: The heart Bosses, God Wars Dungeon Bosses. You know it.

Now the idea here is, a new functional tab inside your bank called the "Loot Tab". If you send anything to your bank obtained by any boss. The loot goes to that special bank tab. Where you can "price check" the whole thing.
Select and choose the items you want to keep or add them to the items that already have a spot in your bank. Or just simply empty the loot tab and sell everything.

Say in the comments what you'd think of it. :)

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