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Pink Orchid
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Pink Orchid

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A few of us in my clan were looking forward to this update. We have been waiting to be able to boss together, I think it will bring more dormant Ironmen out of hibernation!
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I LOVE the ironman concept, it got me playing again years ago. I have real life friends that want to get back to playing, who also love ironman, and we're all in the same boat.

We want to play so bad, but don't want to put effort into solo ironman if we can boss together, and have no interest in wasting time on regular accounts. However with the lack of any type of update on the status of Group Ironman, we have no choice but to stay away from Runescape.

Its really sad as I'd love to get my group back having fun again. At least please update us on the progress or lack there of? I cannot stand being in the dark on this.

27-Feb-2019 17:16:54

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This is so depressing to see. I've wanted this from before they even announced it. I thought it would be a cool idea to ironman with your best friends. Work together and share in the resources. I can make armor for my friend and he can cook good food for me. That sounds really fun and intimate! When they announced that it was going to be a real thing I was ecstatic. I've been on and off playing RS over the past few years but if this came out it would bring a whole revitalization to the game for me. Please continue the work, please.

15-Mar-2019 15:42:14

Cloud Naeris

Cloud Naeris

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actually the main appeal of ironman for me was to earn everything rather than just grinding the most effective gp/hr boss i could find then buying bulk supplies for the best xp/hr. i made an ironman so i could experience all content in the game as "intended" for instance god wars 1 is a joke right now right? but thats with lvl 80+ gear prayers and potions. ever try krill with 70 prayer/magic in barrows gear? actually really hard. sadly the current ironman makes some skills /content intended for groups just plain horrible such as solo dung clearly a team skill made solo for way less xp an hr or some mini games that u cant do for some reason like sinkholes. yes i wanted to earn the gear myself but making dung scuffed for seemingly little to no reason is mean :/ .

24-Mar-2019 14:24:39

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