Halloween Event?

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Has there been any word on whether there'll be a halloween even this month? I haven't seen or heard anything and it would definitely be a break from tradition to skip it out completely.

14-Oct-2019 13:38:55

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Given how far into the month we are with a lack of anything Halloween-related, I doubt it. It sucks, because holiday events like these have been such a rich, exciting part of the game, and the thought of skipping one makes me sad. fite me

15-Oct-2019 08:52:52

Pandora x
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Pandora x

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I was gonna ask this too. Halloween is my favourite time of year and literally every other game I play is doing an event of some kind. If we're not getting one in RS this year that's gonna be incredibly disappointing :(
Most players enjoy the Seasonal events. We had Easter. Can guarantee we'll have Xmas. But no Halloween?
Haven't seen a Month Ahead post at all for October which kinda suggests we get nothing.
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15-Oct-2019 11:20:29

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Well, It's the not first time Halloween event was skipped in Runescape if you're a veteran player such as myself we didn't have one in 2004, 2013 and sadly no Halloween event this year.

16-Oct-2019 00:35:53

Oranje Duif
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Oranje Duif

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Pikachu78 said:
I just came from mod shaunys stream and he said there is no Halloween event this year :(

Because MTX is spooky enough on it's own :D.
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18-Oct-2019 01:09:31

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