120 Summoning Familiar Ideas

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UrekMazino said:

General Familiars

Credit to Yusou Bhoroi for the following:
•\tSummon a friend/teammate (like warlock portal in WoW).
•\tSummon a hoard of minions to battle.
•\tGroup familiars, e.g. portable bank

And those! Lol!

12-Dec-2018 15:00:44

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I fully support throwing ideas to the Dev's like this and its nice to see members of the community still have a vision for seeing the game grow further.

Wanted to add to this fantastic list of ideas, and you've inspired me.. (feel free to tweak as desired).

Familiars of a shadow realm origin that exist in our realm and the shadow realm and can pass through the veil at will (scrolls required to do so).

Havent thought of suitable creatures yet.

Shadow Substitution:
Trade places for a short duration, your familiar leaves the shadow plane to take your place fighting your opponent (tanking role), while you position yourself behind your foe for maximum damage (using scroll ends the effect early catching the enemy off guard and allowing a brief moment where both you and the familiar are there giving you a chance to flank and hit hard. Familiar returns to shadow realm upon completion of effect duration.

Shadow Strike:
Call your familiar through the veil of shadow and have them strike your enemy from behind timed with text prompts can cause critical damage. (good for a very quick burst damage)(mitigation in PVP is increased vs this attack for fairness).

Shadow Pin: Your familiar calls forth various shadow tendrils that quickly close on the targeted enemy, attempting inflict snare(very probable) and then stun(probable) and finally vulnerability(unlikely) if successful. (reasoning is if they managed to grab legs (snare) and arms (stun) its not far off assuming you cant dodge well hence vulnerability).

Id say given that the shadow veil is thin in some areas, a lot of quest areas and the wilderness for example. id say their effects do not work there as they wouldn't be able to hide effectively in their realm given the constant connection to the player.
Also given that we are tearing a hole between realms that doesnt exist, we as players would have limited vision in there during effects.

feel free to edit these or provide alternatives, just ideas to toss around.

17-Dec-2018 13:26:11



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Other possible familiars:

- Termite Mound - highest passive boost for Woodcutting. Tertiary ingredient is sawdust.
Special Move can turn a higher tier log into a Mahog or Protean Plank. Chance of conversion depends on the level of the log. Only works on logs Yew and above.
Physical appearance is similar to your pet Strykewyrm when submerged (termites are small afterall)
Does not engage in combat.

- Divine Koi - Hybrid/All around passive boost for all gathering skills done in The Arc (Hunter, fishing, mining, woodcutting, divination, etc). Passive Boost would be around +4 to +6 in all skills. Tertiary Ingredients are Ancestral Energy and one of the fish found in The Arc.
Physical appearance would be a cross between a Divine Energy Wisp and a Giant Koi.
Does not engage in combat.

- White Knight and Black Knight Champions - Melee Combat Familiars. Passive boost to Prayer (ie: an additional +2 to +4, similar to Prayer bonus on armor or weapons). Count as Saradomin and Zamorak aligned items in GWD1.
Tertiary ingredient is a White or Black Platebody.

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Thanks for the ideas, both.


Can you explain a little more on shadow realm? How does it work? Is it: If you summon a shadow familiar, they're not actually around you but in a temporary place and will only come out to fight for you when you use a familiar scroll? If that is the case, is there a way to store the scrolls in your familiar?


Yea, termite mound can be for the invisible level boost, but I'm not so sure about the plank conversion part since its not unreasonable for skilling familiars to provide only invisible level boost and no useful special. Might be better for these 2 abilities be split between 2 familiars.

I like the divine koi idea.

Not sure how would white/black knight familiar work lorewise, but that's not important. I'm also not too sure about the benefit of just +4 prayer bonus while sacrificing dps.
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120 Summoning Familiar ideas.

19-Dec-2018 14:37:19

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Group healing familiar, I feel like, will be one of the new familiars 99+, as this can be very useful, and ease a lot of bosses.

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