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19-May-2019 06:33:38

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ironpariah said:
we will get a little more bankspace with the upcoming bank "rework".
Like 15 added spaces. Up to 500 or something. F2P goes from 83 to 100.

49 spaces in total actually. Basically another free booster.

Considering the last extension was back then in 2012 that was long overdue, while a couple of items might have found storage in different places a lot more than that were introduced in those 7 years.
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A lot of bank space could be saved and some items would be made a lot more useable if they could be combined. I would love to have my elder divination outfit or magic golem outfit be combined into one item. I keep searching my bank for all the parts of it.

22-May-2019 21:57:13

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I actually cleaned my bank the other day. Removed all Diango items, and a several other items I know I will never use for any reason whatsoever. I cleared up about 50 slots, if not more, and I could easily clear up another 30 or so.

Now, I don't do a lot of PvM or any other activities that require me to keep a lot of different items, especially as I am now F2P once again. But even if I was doing all kinds of P2P things, my bankspace wouldn't be bursting to full. I would maaaybe use another 200-250 bank spaces AT MOST. Currently I'm using just under half of my F2P space, and only 72 P2P spaces.

Throw out the shit you don't need. You don't need to keep every single type of seed, gem, ore, or log, for example. Get rid of the crap you have absolutely no use for. Make use of Diango, POH costume room, TT hidey-holes, etc if necessary.

If you're F2P, I can see a valid concern over bank space, as you'll have barely any, unless you got the members-only bank boosters at some point. But if you're P2P, you can trash the garbage taking up so much room, and use various other "containers" to lighten the load. This isn't rocket science.
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22-May-2019 23:50:39

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