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Ice Trey
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Ice Trey

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With the recent release of runescape mobile, me and many of my friends have gotten back into the game. Ive witnessed and enjoyed all the recent updates of both OSRS and RS3 and have began to notice a consistently high player base throughout the years. First I would like to say good job jagex, for giving the fans what they want despite all those who complain.
HOWEVER..... Ive been a part of this community for a very long time, and I believe that a majority of players feel that runescapes peak was with the HD release. It was the perfect median as the classic old school play-styles received a more satisfying and cosmetically appealing graphics update, along with a select addition of additional skills like summoning! (which I feel is debatable as some old school players oppose this idea) Additionally, it didn't have the flaws of EOC that over-complicated the game for simpler players, and cheesy in game voice dialogue. No offense to any jagex team members reading this that may have put in lots of effort towards these additions.


I like to look good in games, and kill monsters and do fun quests while doing so.... but my heart, as well as many others, is with the classic turn based old school combat style! The new bosses and raids in old school are so legit its ridiculous! Its just hard to me to desire the grind like I used to, when graphics only serve the purpose of nostalgia. Lets be real, they're obviously not good, and they don't really need to be. I just know that me and many other miss the raw visual appeal of HD dragon/bandos!
But that's why I am here! If possible, please consider releasing HD runescape to the people. I know there may be complication in deciding whether to revert RS3 or update OSRS, but I feel like a poll is the only necessary way to handle this. Maybe its just my group of friends, but my real life runescape squad, as well as in game conversational polls I've held within runescape, hold high favor towards HD runescape.

17-Nov-2018 17:04:30

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RuneScape HD was the best indeed.

But reverting RS3 isn't possible, releasing new '08 servers would be the more realistic approach which I support and would pay extra for.
Valar morghulis

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Neuro Agent
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Neuro Agent

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If you want better graphics, go to RS3. If you want to stay in an old version of the game, that's on you really.

As most OSRS people will tell you, they don't want to change their graphics, it'd ruin the nostalgia.

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Ice Trey said:
I know there may be complication in deciding whether to revert RS3 or update OSRS,...

The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion of updates for RS3 that are already in development, rather than for suggestions for updates. The New Game Content - Suggestions Forum may be used to submit suggestions for new content or the Existing Game Content Forum to submit suggestions for improving current content.

Jagex has said many times that RS3 and EOC will not be reverted. Five years ago they said:
Original message details are unavailable.

It is not possible for us to switch off or roll back EoC, even if we wanted to (which we don't). And while it's not to everyone's tastes, the new combat system and the re-balanced gear has been part of the fabric of the game for over a year, with the economy and many game updates all bound into it.

Suggestions for changes to OSRS may be posted in the Old School Content Suggestions Forum.

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