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Please add more preset slots, that's all I've ever wanted out of a bank update. More and more bosses are released, making it impossible to keep presets for all of them.

Anyway, I'm not sure about that arrow for the tabs, people will probably strive to avoid making it so they have to click a button to see their other bank tabs. Could we give them more room so that they all display at once, or have the interface resizeable to achieve that?
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16-May-2019 20:20:22

Aegis XIII
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Thank you for finally unshelving this update. I really miss 2011 RuneScape.
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16-May-2019 20:45:18

Draco Burnz
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Lions RAWR said:

You are just never happy are you?

Could you at least allow them to open the beta first before you start spewing your crap all over it? I get that you think you know what is best for the game, but not giving them a chance is just wrong. Addressing the issues of points 1, 2 and 4 may be dealt with in the Beta.

Its best to just ignore that as nothing can be done.
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Support and

16-May-2019 21:12:34

Belgee Riose
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This is potentially the biggest "fix/change" since the BOT NUKE (well done bty), something that will benefit everyone & improve their "quality of (game*) life".



* as if we have any other kind

16-May-2019 21:23:38

Tatsumi 59
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Great to hear this is coming our way.

One remark though on the design.
You noted there is a scroll button for the 15 tabs.
Would it be possible to just have 2 rows of tabs instead. It would gladly sacrifice a row of visible bank space if that would go to always being able to see all my tabs.

And one extra nice to have.
I have my inventory setup to be 4 high and 7 wide (instead of the other way around) Is it possible to use the setup of your inventory as the template you see in the bank? that would make organizing your stuff in your inventory easier.

16-May-2019 21:45:48

Jaekob Caed
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It seems that Fukong was the problem with Jagex for the past couple years after all. Now that they're looking to sell Jagex, we're starting to see the return of the Jagex I used to love.

Keep it up guys! You've been slowly regaining my respect over the past year now and at this rate, it won't be long before you're among my favorite studios once more!
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16-May-2019 21:49:39

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