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Lord Drakan

Lord Drakan

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Here's a list of stuff.

Add to armour/weapons:
- Sacred Clay Armour
- (Superior) (elite) void armour
- Penance armour (not compatible with EoC currently due to conflicting bonuses)
- Hybrid armour (although frankly it is fine)
- PvP minigames (summary: cap all gear at level 80 in safe PvP minigames, with the exception of hybrid armour (vanguard, battlemage, trickster))
- Various miscellaneous gear whose stats and/or special effects were messed up by EoC, see this thrad under "combat".

- Scarcity of runite rocks; runite rocks as quest rewards, e.g. Neitiznot and Dondakan's Mine
- Arzinian gold mine
- Dwarven Mine resource dungeon
- Jatizso Mine achievement diary reward
- Gem rocks; Shilo Village, Shilo Village underground (diary reward), Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup, Al Kharid Mine resource dungeon and Prifddinas

- TokTz-Ket-Dill in the TzHaar quests and all modes of Dominion Tower
- Dwarven units in Mobilising Armies can scavenge coal as loot; might need revising. That said, scavenged loot from all MA units is terrible and never worth it, so it might be negligible. THAT said it would be appreciated anyway if the scavenging loot could be updated, or maybe replaced with resource packs that can be handed in for investment credits.
- New items could be made investment currency for MA
- Barbarian Training (hastae)
- Doric & Boric Tasks might need revising
- Shade Catacombs drop tables rely heavily on the alch values of steel, black, adamant and rune (and for gold chests, dragon) in addition to the unique rewards like fine cloth and shade skulls. These loot tables would need thorough revision.
- Alchemists' Playground has metal stuff but the alchemy values are custom anyway so can probably be ignored.
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