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Hi Im Turkey

Hi Im Turkey

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Hi, I'm Turkey! OSRS mostly.
I just realized something today. Something truly and utterly shocking and disgraceful that has shaken me to my core.
We need more turkeys invading the land of Gielinor. I Trust Jagex is sensible, reasonable, and cares about the welfare of our feathered brethren. Maybe it has escaped notice, but I trust if we all band together and bring this to their attention they will address this deeply disturbing injustice.
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08-Mar-2019 03:52:33

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Wrong comment section aside...

-There is a turkey-themed emote, as Steelweaver has point out.

-A turkey pet named Mackers (members only)

-A Thanksgiving crest for the herald capes, in the form of a turkey. Emote is enhanced with the cape on, if the crest is activated.

-A turkey hat override (members only)

-And of course, turkey and drumsticks to eat. If you're a cannibalistic monster. I'm sure you are.

Lots of turkey stuff already in the game. Only thing I could think of to add is, perhaps, a Turkey costume? How about a turkey mace? Ooooh! I know! A Turkey sigil! When you activate it you gobble like a lunatic for 30 seconds.

Or maybe we can simply be satisfied with all the turkey-themed things we already have. Besides, it's March. Kinda weird to ask for this now of all times. Gonna ask for more Santa-related items in July? Yes? No? I'm hoping "no".
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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If you have a suggestion for adding something to OSRS, please use the Old School Content Suggestions Forum, for that.

You may use the Game Content Suggestions Forum to submit suggestions for new content in RS3, but as there is already a turkey emote in RS3, it is not needed to be suggested.

This forum is for feedback and discussion of updates for RS3 that are already in development, rather than for suggestions.

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