Crashing bowstring prices

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Kiri Seraph
Apr Member 2018

Kiri Seraph

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Hi I'm fairly new to 07scape and I've been spinning bowstrings while I study since it's fairly afk and was making me 100k+ profit per 1000 strings. I was working my way up to be able to get things like a guilded altar and 43 prayer and other useful things I need but recently the price of strings is crashing hard

Does anyone know why this is happening and when it will likely recover? I don't have a lot of ways to make money, especially afk while I study and this is hitting me hard XD

04-Mar-2019 18:22:17

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This is a RS3 forum, and the forums are pretty dead. try Reddit insteat 2007scape for osrs and Runescape for RS3.

twitch just had a 14 day free trail for twitch primes members so guessing a lot of bots doign flax atm so yeah will liekly go bk up soon(tm)

04-Mar-2019 21:46:48

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