Necronium armour set + 4

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so im a returning player, and the last time i really played would be 6 years ago so i do apologize if im alittle lost, but this item which i just made doesnt sell on the ge why is that, i tried selling it for 3m nothing so i just left it in the ge for 6m, even tho i think worth more then 6m because its better armor protection then bandos, i really think that this is really good armor speically for higher levels, i think adding stuff like enchanting bonuses like strength or prayer on the armor, but why doesnt it sell it all?

10-Jan-2019 07:30:27

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Someone will correct me as im3likely gonna be wrong. This armor is only a couple days old...i believe necro armor is tank armor whereas bandos is power armor. Tank armor is pretty rarely close to the value of power armor as power armor is just mich better than tank armor. It will not gain those stats as that would change the type of armor it is. It's probably gonna be worth idk...1 mill? That's just a random gusee though, but it will likely never be more than bandos. For bandos, you gotta kill a boss. For necro, you just mine and make it. Idk what to put here

10-Jan-2019 08:47:33

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For the best chance of selling you should upgrade it to +5.

It may have better defensive stats than bandos, but it's also much easier to acquire. Ultimately supply and demand determine the price.

10-Jan-2019 13:58:57

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High Necronium and Orichalkum sets are selling extremely bad, imho. Even rune armour and equipment (except arrowheads) are selling badly.
Since smithing reworks, the market seems to be flooded, prices are crumbling. Bad news, makes levelling rather expensive.

06-Mar-2019 15:29:45

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