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Master Aqua
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Master Aqua

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Barrows has been a long time part of runescape history, exiting ingame for over ten years, making a key componet of old school rs as well. For a long time barrows was a major go to set for it's effect or just set bonuses, naturally with eoc and the new higher tier items took barrows place and inspite of dharok's and guthans strong set effects they fell largely by the wayside. With the introduction of bounty hunter we got an upgrade to another oldie set of weapons in armour -ancient warriors. Ancient warriors now finds a solid neich where it be a cheap alternitive to tier 90 power armour or the heavy debuffs offed by sitiuses warhammer. Now All tier 88 they have found a way to become relivant once more.

Now my hopes is some similar fate can happen to barrows armour with a tier upgrade to keep up the continuing increase of new weapons and now really is good as time as any with the final set of tier 92 sets realsed for duel range. I was a bit miffed that rots was released that it didn't include some sort of armour patch to upgrade the set to between 84 and 91, but it's not too late for an update.

16-Jan-2018 22:29:12

Carter Gee
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Carter Gee

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Barrows is tier 70. It's for the mid-level players by design. Barrows for high level players is called Rise of the Six, or ROTS for short. ROTS gives the components to create t90 armor already.

You could have suggested a long time ago to have ROTS improve upon the level 70 armor, but even that is a stretch. Ancient armor is level 78 armor. The patch increases it by 10 levels. It would be pointless to create a patch that boosts level 70 armor to level 80. We already have plenty of level 80 armor to choose from. We already have degradable level 85 armor as well and as you know level 88.

It would make no sense to create a boost to level 90+, since that would mean ROTS would immediately be dead content.

Now, my opinion doesn't really matter. This is item discussion so we can discuss why level 70 armor is not going to boost to level 84 to 91. You can still pursue this, but please move this thread to the suggestions area of the forums.
• Scott Gee

17-Jan-2018 02:48:43

Master Aqua
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Master Aqua

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lol? rise of the six would not become dead content if rise of the six is patch to include a boost to the armour and weapons. It's not a question of the barrows i never mentioned old barrows get a patch to upgrade it would make no sense, only rots as lore wise and logic wise it's a clean fit for the fight of upgraded brothers to also come with an upgraded armour. Upgraded armour would make the mini game more relivant yes but thats not where it's comming from. It's nto a question of plenty of x in a tier thats long since gone off the deep end for alot of tiers the point resides in both ancient warriors and barrows have natural effects from either set or weapon. Very little of tier 85 even has set effects of any real relivents ports does but does it count when it offers no practical value in pvm other a passive gain of port resources? No if a case can be made for ancient warriors i see no reason why barrows can have an upgraded reilience once more. Ancients was tier 78 as you pointed out, it didn't need by you own logic, it could potentially be augmented given it's tier and dtd mechanics would mean it would degrade in 1v1 much slower than torva, virtus, and pernix for example with a small diffrence in dpds bonuses making it a cheap option to such armours and tier 90 power dtd. Now ancient warriors is a cheap alternative to 90 power with a small diffrence in dps given "1" and the weapons with solid set effects especially swh have solid nieches. There is literly no diffrence in the logic why rots couldn't get a similar patch for a drop for barrows armour upgrade.

17-Jan-2018 11:07:42

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While this really goes in suggestions, I think this could work with malevolent energies + barrows armour to make t92 melee sets with unique effects which degrade to dust (thus sinking both the energies + barrows sets making rots + barrows nice profit). I think they should change them from the original design however, more sliske themed (shadow realm stuff) Join my clan!

17-Jan-2018 13:32:14

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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"Barrows Is for the mid-level players by design."

It was Best-in-Slot when it released, and is still some of the strongest gear in old school. Due to power creep it is now considered mid-level gear, but it wasn't that way upon release.

As for the actual thread topic, not only is this in the wrong forum, I might point out ROTS exists.
Not my discord, and you don't have to be active, you just need to join with that link. The contents of it are trivial. Just join pls.

18-Mar-2019 15:48:34

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Sorry Scott I guess you came into this game rather recently. Barrows was once best possible armour in game, and the special effects use to be amazing. It was not designed to be mid level gear when it was invented.
But that is the way things go.. dragon also use to be one of the best sets in game, but this is evolution of content I guess.
This all aside what I think what Aqua is getting at is it is sad to see such an iconic and awesome set of gear (most of it looks great) become obsolete and basically useless as gwd1 gear is preferred until you get to gwd2/t90 gear.
I also feel this way about dragon gear.. I wish it was able to be used some way in high lvl pvm... it's just sad even the great dragon pick/hatchet are never used now and imo that is sad as well.

I guess we should be grateful for overrides! P.s I support the idea of the post but it is too late I feel and as it is t70 well it just isn't possible...

18-Mar-2019 19:18:48

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