Playing OSRS and RS @same time

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I was wondering why we can’t play osrs and the regular game at the same time; they’re essentially different games on different servers. if I get a membership for my account, I would like to be able to play both games at the same time on the account that has membership. Just an idea and I was hoping to get some feedback. Thanks!

17-May-2019 21:06:51

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Both games may be separate, but they uses the same acocunt data, and that can't be loaded in two servers at once. You'd get problems saving the data as it would be generated in two places at the same time, confusing the hell out of the systems.

A good analogy is the following: a car can drive forward (say RS3) and backwards (OSRS) but not at the same time. To do both at the same time, you need two cars (two accounts).
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18-May-2019 11:20:50

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There's already a thread on this here, use that instead of flooding the forums with new threads on the same topic, please.:)
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