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Welcome to a
needed discussion :P

It has been ages since the last falador hairdresser update,
The hairdresser at falador could use a new fesh epic update to revive that side of the city, and force us to visit these places that now are considered to be a

This is not the first thread ever made about hair and avatar improvement ideas.:(

will only consider a change if they see a big group supporting this goal.
I think it would be epic for us to join forces and share ideas, so that jagex could maybe consider them for a future update, please feel free to drop any hair/face ideas on how to improve and most importantly personalize our character even better.

We basically all look the same.. face or hair wise, and with a few simple improvements we could have more tools to stand out in our own way,

Feel free to drop any ideas and i will keep editing this post and include everyone's suggestions.

- Longer hairstyles for Women and Men.
- Lip shades
- Eye colours
- Face Features

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