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Would be nice that tuska teleport is so obnoxious every time I log in someone is blinding me with it and I can't move the camera fast enough ugh.

Wish you could just make everyone to default animations and worn items, instead of having to watch a jester dancing, zombies moaning and see explosions at skilling plots. Honestly hate the fishomatic as is, as it turns every single fish plot into a whirlpool 100% chance cause of someone using it.

The constant particle stream items are pretty annoying to have to put up with at skilling places and social areas, such as the heartbreaker necklaces,jas hands,flaming skull. The walk animations get a little annoying to as they move constantly happy walk being a big culprit there, jesters a new breed of annoying. Think the skull is a physical item but the rest of those are either keepsaked or overides so overide view disable means no more seeing those. Constant flashing/moving stuff gets to be an eyesore.

Drakes are a special breed of annoying, pets should just be defaulted to baby form in crowded areas or by toggle. Having a thing take up half the screen is absurd, considering they downsized clan avatars due to sheer size only to contradict years later with a giant flapping thing that has 0 idle animations other than flap forever. Cats I think you can hear even if its anothers pet, which is absurd.

01-Aug-2018 21:11:51

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