Tank play style + New shields.

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I personally don’t think the tank play style exists in Rs and tbh it’s a bit of shame. Yes there is some variation between “tank” & “power” armours. But nothing really gives that classic tank play style you’d associate with medieval fantasy rpgs.

So I propose some new shields to start us off down the path to having a true tank play style.
There’s two types for each corner of the weapon triangle one for the equivalent rune tier & one for Elder rune.

I’ll be using rune as an example for the type of stat difference these shields would grant.

Current: Rune kite shield 3
Armour - 185.6
Damage reduction pvm - 5%
Damage reduction pvp - 0%

New: Rune great shield 3
Life points - 150
Armour - 200
Damage reduction pvm - 10 to 15%
Damage reduction pvp - 5 to 10%
Increased weight.
Lowers attack speed & strength.

On top of the stat change I think it’d be a great idea to give a passive effect to these shields.
Something like a buff to damage reduction based on the amount of foes currently targeting the player.

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