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Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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After reaching 120 Invention during the last double xp weekend, I was finally able to get back to some proper adventuring in Runescape; I went and explored The Arc islands.

When I quest and adventure, I like to have Runescape's music on for full immersion, to really set the mood. Stepping onto Waiko for the first time with the sweet tones of 'Tale of Waiko' really is a sweet moment and it continues throughout the exploration of the Eastern Lands.

However, there are a lot of songs to unlock and many are unlocked in the same moment. This means that the song titles become easily lost in the huge library of Runescape tracks and I don't know where they are, or even what songs are from the region.

Also, exploring the Uncharted Islands plays some nice, un-named pieces of music, but what would make gathering resources a bit more fun there would be listening to the sweet sounds of the East. But then, I can only remember the names of a few songs to click on, which brings me to my point...

It would be great if there were Runescape Official Playlists, alongside the custom playlist.
You could click into the menu and select 'The Arc' and it would list all of the songs unlocked from the region, play through them or you could use the shuffle feature. This way, you could enjoy all of the music the region has to offer without breaking immersion.

And why stop there? There could be a Prifddinas playlist, a Menaphos playlist, maybe a Wilderness one, cave concerts, Karamja(ms), 'The Classics', all sorts of collections. With over 1000 songs in the game, I think that this could be a good way to filter through them and to pick the right sound for the right moment. B) \,,/

*Response from
Mod Ian
further down this page*

18-Jun-2017 12:16:55 - Last edited on 29-Sep-2017 15:26:01 by Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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CSSkye said:
*Note to self* - when writing a long reply, don't do it on your phone 'cause safari will ultimately screw you over as you edit it.

Anyway on topic - I bit of organisation couldn't hurt, so support.:) I'd also like to see some playlists from the music devs, their favourites tracks for Exeample.

Did have a list of all Arc tracks for you... But it got deleted.:P

Heh heh. Well, thanks for going through all the effort of getting a tracklist for me, I appreciate it all the same. Safari cannot take that away. =P

Developer favourites would be a nice touch as well. It could change every couple of weeks, to a different mod's playlist, perhaps. That'd be cool! B)

18-Jun-2017 21:06:25

Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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Mod Ian said:
Hey there, thought I'd jump in to your thread, say hello and give a quick reply...

Personally I really like the idea - it's a good point about songs unlocking together as groups, yes on occasion there are quite a few and you could easily lose the messages amongst chat box spam.

The main issue here is getting the development time to do a project like this, the music system is surprisingly complicated mainly because of the large numbers of songs that have to be tracked, unlocked etc.

I wouldn't say it's impossible but we'd need to make sure the resources are available to us, bearing in mind the unfinished business will get the highest priority as some of those features are very important for the game.

As an audio team though we are definitely interested in hearing what kind of audio updates you'd like to see even if its not possible to deliver on them straight away. We hope to post something up soon with suggestions so keep your eyes on the forums!

Wow! Hey Mod Ian! Thanks for replying to my thread and taking note. Maybe you could slip this in to the unfinished business? =P

One of the best things to come with Runescape 3 was the revised music tracks and all of the music released since then has been amazing! I hope that yourself and the rest of the audio team could implement something like this in the future and that you can revisit some of Runescape's older music tracks and bring them back to life.

Keep up the good work, oh great music gods! \,,/

19-Jul-2017 23:54:05

Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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Gwyndolynn said:
Would be nice.

And as far as organizing it, the Runescape Wiki has practically already done that.

Maybe the Wiki has done that, but it's inconvenient to switch between the game window and an internet browser after every song. Also, I have a custom playlist with some of my favourite songs in it and I wouldn't want to delete that to replace it with a different region's tracks every so often.

With my suggestion, there would be easy access to many different region-specific playlists all at the same time. :)

16-Aug-2017 20:02:38

Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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Ahura said:
It would probably require a lot of time to make all those playlists with matching songs and not just based on area. How about being able to make those playlist yourself and be able to put a high amount of songs in each playlist, maybe even be able to share them with friends just like you can share actionbars? Currently you can only make 1 playlist and if I'm correct it's only like max 20 songs...

Yeah, Mod Ian said that it would take a lot of development time. But I think it would be worth it!

Having a bigger playlist, more custom playlists, like you said, would be such an awesome thing, especially being able to share them! I suppose that my point is that it is hard to find songs that are tied to a specific area as there is no filter for that. For example, if I wanted to make a Priffdinas playlist, some of the songs aren't named so obviously as 'Elven Elite'.

But yes, more playlists of every kind! \,,/

08-Nov-2017 17:27:13

Bendude Sk8

Bendude Sk8

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ErkalEtruria said:
¸„»°'´¸„»°'´ `'°«„¸`'°«„¸
`'°«„„»°'´„»°'´`'°«„ |
My Suggestions
| „»°'´`'°«„`'°«„„»°'´

Ability to create multiple playlists.
Playlists now show the tabs for other playlists.

Longer playlists.
Naming playlists (Default to Playlist 1,2,3) by clicking the title opening a drop box similar to the drop box in Presets while at a bank with some modifications and additional titles.

One special playlist that appears during the Holidays which can't be modified containing Holiday themed music.
When adding a song to a playlist, a drop box will appear showing the titles (Playlist 1,2,3).

Add a button at the top of the overall song list that hides/unhides songs added to a playlist.
Have a button in the playlists that can organize songs in alphabetical order including reverting to the order they were added or the order in which you organized the songs in a specific playlist.

Search songs based on category while keeping the individual song search. All town theme songs for example will show up in the list including districts.

Nice suggestions. There really is so much scope for adding to and improving the music player!

09-Feb-2018 13:49:18

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