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Ability to create multiple playlists.
Playlists now show the tabs for other playlists.

Longer playlists.
Naming playlists (Default to Playlist 1,2,3) by clicking the title opening a drop box similar to the drop box in Presets while at a bank with some modifications and additional titles.

One special playlist that appears during the Holidays which can't be modified containing Holiday themed music.
When adding a song to a playlist, a drop box will appear showing the titles (Playlist 1,2,3).

Add a button at the top of the overall song list that hides/unhides songs added to a playlist.
Have a button in the playlists that can organize songs in alphabetical order including reverting to the order they were added or the order in which you organized the songs in a specific playlist.

Search songs based on category while keeping the individual song search. All town theme songs for example will show up in the list including districts.
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