recycle sigil slot ideas.

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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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Jagex is going to remove the sigil slot next week.

Why not reuse it instead?

Turn this into a second ring slot. For non-combat rings like LOTD/Hazelmeme's ring!
The ring with the highest stats will add bonuses.
The other rings will only be there for non-combat passive effects.
Like luck rings/ring of life/ring of dualing!

Add an extra pocket slot item.
This would be a non-combat pocket slot item.
Like the attuned crystal seed.

Post your ideas in the comments below.

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I ate all
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I ate all

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I think it would be simpler if there were two types of rings, like combat and support.

Combat rings have stats, and perhaps a passive effect, such as Asylum, Ring of Death, Dagannoth King Rings, or Leviathan ring.

Support rings do not have stats, but have strong passive or activated effects, like luck rings, teleport jewellery, Ring of Charos, slayer ring, and ring of vigor.
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