Anachronia: SAILING start pt.

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Hello everyone. Please, take this just as a raw idea, since creating a skill, especially one like ages-desired sailing would definitely be something more complex.

With the discovery of new Anachronia land last week I had an idea, that it would be a great opportunity to make it a starting point for a new skill, embodied with ship building and subsequent activities: real-time exploring (unlike POP), treasure-hunting, marine battles and tons of more new stuff. I believe it could drag interest of masses to make Runescape great again.

I also have to compliment the current update. And since I hope it doesn't have to become another decreasing interest content, something as big as sailing could help to keep people around and possibly attract many new or returning players.

Feel free to discuss if you can imagine something like this happen on the shores of Anachronia and don't hesitate to be more specific should you have a clearer imagination of possible features.
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If Runescape's movement wasn't a grid system something like this would be solid but it'd just be clunky and not what most people think of when they think sailing.

I'd wager this is pretty much what sailing in RS3 would be like (skip to 5:15):

This is very likely how PVP and/or PVE would work on ships:

As interesting a concept as this sounds, personally I don't see how it would work well - maybe it could, I don't know.. I'm sceptical though.

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