FactionWars event pvp.

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These would be limited time events that use already existing pvp Minigames.

• Features established and possibly new Rs factions that can do battle over the course of a couple of weeks.
• During this period the active minigame becomes free to play.
• Throughout the event players taking part will have a cosmetic faction override upon entering the minigame lobby, which lasts until the end of the game or they leave.
• This override can be earned by playing enough games and contributing to there teams success.
• A reward will be given to a player upon completion of their first match of the active minigame.
• Additional rewards could be granted for active play / game wins.
• The faction that records the most game wins over this two week period will win the overall event.
• After the event a cosmetic weapon will be awarded to everyone who contributed to the winning team.

14-Aug-2019 13:17:24

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