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o Castiel o

o Castiel o

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Nex/GWD Team: 2 man Nex team
FC: o Castiel o
Requirements: Patience and trust
Additional Info:
A buddy that's willing to help would really make my journey easier as I struggle to solo these boys.
IF YOU NEED AN ANCIENT EMBLEM TOO WE CAN GET ONE FOR EACH OTHER TAKING TURNS (I GET MINE, THEN I HELP YOU)[I know its a trust game then but hecc, believe it or not, I will return the favor, Im no asshole]

Since Im going for the ancient emblem, there will be no ls as I willbe supposed to be outdpsing you to get teh drop, thus to get the UNTRADEABLE emblem, so if you're tanking it will make things lot easier.

ALL DROPS SPLIT (unless you are feeling generous) 40/60 as 40 to me 60 to you because that's the least I could do to express my gratitude if I manage to find a mate(+get u an emblem if you need it)

No max guild access but its a 1 min trip with trollheim tp anyway, so unless you're about super-efficiency, this shouldnt bother you

21-May-2018 00:22:25

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