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Climb Me

Climb Me

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Rank Applications

For New Ranks

Why are you interested in becoming a rank: so i can learn people vorago and so i can host small or big teams

What experience do you have at Vorago: can trio every rotation NM, can do all roles in a high performance, can do hm in all roles in a high performance,

List the gear & stats you will be using: maxed, t99 mage prayer, praesul wand and orb, virtus/tectonic set

Killcount Nm/Hm: 701/49

Have you joined our Discord server: yes

Are you willing to be active and helpful towards learners: yes


For Rank Up

What is your current rank:

What rank are you applying for:

List the date in which you were first ranked:

Killcount Nm/Hm:

21-May-2018 12:51:23

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