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24-Dec-2010 - Wilderness and Free Trade Referendum
We received a petition of 1.2M votes in less than 24 hours! This is the highest number of votes we have ever received for any player poll so it’s time we swiftly move on to a qualified referendum, allowing all our players to express their wishes.
We want our entire community to decide the future of their game by voting in the first ever RuneScape referendum, please make sure you register your vote and ensure you also get everyone you know who plays/has played RuneScape to register their vote too!
The number of players who registered their name on the petition and the feedback in the forums and on fan sites has shown how passionate you are about this matter. The following referendum clarifies exactly what we propose to bring back, or not, based entirely on your votes.
The referendum also gives you the opportunity to vote “Yes” for the return of Free Trade & the Wilderness, “I don’t mind either way” or “No” to the proposal. Please read through the following carefully and log in with your account to cast your vote as well as the option to see the results of the referendum.
About Free Trade:
* Unrestricted Free Trade between players
* Unlimited staking in the Duel Arena
* The Grand Exchange would remain, but with the lower and upper price limits removed
* Party Room drop restrictions removed
* Item Lending still available
* Assist System still available
* LootShare and CoinShare still available
About the Wilderness:
* The Wilderness becomes a rather dangerous area again and players can kill each other for their items
* PVP, Bounty and Bounty +1 Worlds removed (game mechanics may be re-used in the future)
* New objects that affect combat will be analysed on an individual basis
* Gravestones would still be used outside of the Wilderness
* Various PVP items and gear will still be available and won’t become ‘rares’
* Revenants patrolling the Wilderness will be relocated
* Content located in the Wilderness area reviewed as follows:
o Quests (e.g. Spirit of Summer) and Activities (e.g. Clan Wars) would be relocated
o Other content (e.g. Treasure Trails, the Beacon Network and D&Ds) would be looked at on a case-by-case basis
To view the referendum result and cast your vote, click here.
Thanks for your support,
Mark Gerhard

24-Dec-2010 11:49:23

V a
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V a

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thanks for finally making a *Real* Poll, now i could finally vote 'NO' ;)
but looking at the count.. it's probably going to happen so i have a few questions..
i would still like to see the PVP worlds though, i kinda like PKing in Varrock/Falador/etc. are you sure you want to remove the PVP worlds, maybe with the current PVP lootsystem still in place?
what will happen to ancient PVP artifacts?
and will you consider a lootshare function for clan pking?
and a G.E. without price limits would probably be really unstable, will we be able to see how much the current offers are?

V a & Orum ^_^ ---------------------

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I voted
I hesitated if i should vote before because i didn't want the wildy back - only because it would make clues alot harder.
Now that i read this, clues shouldn't get harder with the wildy back.. So I'm completely pro! :p
One more thing: With the free trade back, would you also remove personalised shops? As those were also one of the things that came with free trade... To get rid of RWT.
So you might as well remove it too? Would be cool :)

WOOT first page - lol just kidding ^_^

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I think the whole thing is a farce, to be honest. The voting system was a joke; it was worse than the 2010 election where the Lib Dems conned their voters. 1.2mil votes? All people were doing was looking up the hiscores and entering other names in from that.
Now, I won't be voting because old wildy spoilt the game for people who had legitimate means to go into the wilderness but pkers had to kill them. If old wildy must return, why not have that option where one can choose to pk and be pk'ed, or where a player can choose to not have the ability to pk and not be pk'ed? Seriously, treasure trailers such as myself will not be able to complete clues because of mass-ambushing from pkers (tbh, I think it's sad that people play a game just to kill other players...) Revenants will still be in the game so treasure trailers won't have it easy.
PKers have got Bounty Worlds and PVP Worlds, and if they get removed in favour of old wildy then pkers will get everything
Pkers say "We pay, we say" or "We pay to pk". Well, no, you CHOOSE to pay as you undertake the T & Cs and how the game is, so you don't have a say. Besides, this game makes enough revenue from players like myself who hate PKing and through corporate sponsors and advertisements.
I'm a 9/10 year veteran of this game, and I think bringing back the old wildy would ruin things.
As for the free trade, well, everything will be a lot more expensive and it'll be harder to buy and sell on the Grand Exchange. After all, who doesn't want to be greedy and hold a monopoly on items: why charge 15mil for a BGS when you can charge 30mil? If no one sells, the buyers will have to buy 'privately' and will get ripped off. Keep the GE and don't allow free trading except for players who have been friends for at least a year.
I VOTE "NO". If the old changes do get re-implemented, I'll be cancelling my membership :)

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The list above isn't exhaustive and might change slightly due to any content or engine restrictions.
We're aware of things like the pvp weapons and armour, as well as the artifacts. Nothing like that would ever become a rare, perhaps they would move to become a low chance drop off certain creatures perhaps the revenants (just a thought).

To the above poster, we're well aware of how the voting works for the petition, we implemented various restrictions. This referendum will obviously take this into account as you need to login. The petition was a good way for us and the community to gauge interest to see if the wilderness/free trade is something a large number of users want.

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