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Oh boy, flax fields is already getting filled with bots. And that's just one of the hot spots from back then.
It's still not quite to the point it was back in 07, but so far my predictions of wildy and free trade returning are coming true.
Now I wonder how long til credit card fraud becomes an issue once again, and then finally how long before you have to change everything back.
You say you have new detection systems, but how long will that hold up? Even if you jump on the ball and put a lot of effort and resources into combating these issues, will you be able to continue that path while STILL giving us content updates to keep this game fresh?
Let's face it, you've said before how good your old bot detection system worked, the one that so many doubt even existed in the first place. And the fact that it takes you at least 1 month at the earliest to take action after a report does nothing but reinforce the doubt that many of your players have in your ability to tackle this problem.

25-Jan-2011 06:37:46

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