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Hi everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce ĹKeywordsĺ, who among other things will be helping the community management team deliver a better forum experience. Keywords already works with player support and localisation, and is going to help us make the forums great again!

This means that we will have new JMods whose focus is forum engagement and moderation, collecting feedback and helping us with day-to-day projects. They will also be providing cover that the previous LMods couldnĺt, such as forum moderation review, ban appeals and escalations. This will make the forums a better place and free up some time for the internal Community Management team to focus on other things.

Weĺre really excited to be working with this team, and the new Local Moderators who have a wealth of RuneScape experience. They will introduce themselves soon, so please give them a warm welcome!

Theyĺre currently using LMods accounts, but this will change next week once we can get them fully set up.

Mod Cam

07-Sep-2018 16:48:20



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Iceberg said:
Thanks, Cam. And of course welcome aboard to the new folks. :)

@Cam - What can you say to reassure the forum community that this time the system will work? I don't mean to sound pessimistic but what changes will there be put into place to ensure that the new folks have the right tools that they need this time around?

That's a fair point.

Working with the previous team was a learning experience. The technical problems we faced we were not aware of until we started tackling them. We know what those issues are now and have done the necessary checks prior to partnering up with them.

11-Sep-2018 09:51:13



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FiFiLaBumble said:
What is "Keywords"?
An organisation/company/agency or similar that supplies staff?
In which case, you are outsourcing administration of the RSOF?
Are these new people actually directly employed by Jagex, or are they 'third party' staff contracted to "Keywords" and simply currently engaged in undertaking tasks for Jagex?
You refer to them both as 'new JMods' but then also refer to your own internal team (the real JMods directly employed by Jagex, one assumes) and subsequently refer to them as "new Local Moderators"
Strangely, my search engine could not find any organisation by the name of "Keywords".

Keywords Studio's is a company which are experts at providing support in the games industry for a range of services from development to audio and everything imbetween. They already provide support for our player support and localisation teams, and will now be working with community management. Whilst Neriphyra and Nick aren't employed by us directly, we in the office very much see them as an extension of the team and want you guys to do the same.

Mod Meadows will still be the curator of the forums and will work closely with the new JMods to make it the best it can be.

11-Sep-2018 10:36:34 - Last edited on 11-Sep-2018 10:57:39 by ModáCam



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FiFiLaBumble said:
Hello Mod Cam. Thanks that was interesting. They have a very nice website.

Were the LMods we had before (introduced on thread 254-255-556-65986108 - now locked) from the same place? And are they still here, or have they been replaced by the new incoming people?

It's a lovely website ^_^

The previous LMods worked for a different company, sadly the partnership was not able to reach it's full potential due to some of the technical troubles mentioned earlier.

12-Sep-2018 09:50:18



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FiFiLaBumble said:
Will the new people retain their Purple avatar background, or go Gold?

Also, will they retain their LMod title as now, or morph into JMod title?

Not sure if we should call them LMods or JMods !

Soon we will create JMod accounts for the team - turns out the guy who creates JMod accounts has been away on holiday, bad timing on my part! :D

14-Sep-2018 11:50:07



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Windsofnight said:
Hello, Windsofnight here. Since the OP post is a bit ambiguous & Jagex was not transparent at all with its customers regarding the previous Lmods that were used & it appears that questions are being answered this time around I hope you don't mind that I ask a few.

1. How long has Keywords Studio been providing player support & localisation services for Jagex?

2. What type of player support & localisation services does Keywords Studio provide for Jagex?

3. As an outside subcontractor does Keywords Studio have direct access to player account information in their player support capacity?

4. How many Keywords Studio employees are providing player support & localisation services for Jagex?

5. How many Keywords Studio employees will be working as CM?

6. Will Keywords Studio employees be representing themselves as Jagex CM on social media platforms?

7. Will Keywords Studio employees be representing themselves as Jagex CM in-game?

8. If Keywords Studio employees will be using their accounts in-game will they have the same tools as Jagex employees do?

9. As an outside subcontractor will those Keyword Studio employees that will be working as CM have direct access to player account information?

10. Will Jagex be updating the following information to inform their customers that the 'golden glow' on RSOF & the 'golden crown' in-game will now be used by subcontractors as well as Jagex employees?

Reference: Moderators and Community Helpers -

Thank you.


1. I'm not familiar with the work being done for Loc, but several months for Player Support.
2. For Loc I would guess that majority of support is document translation. For PS so far it's moderation and escalation cover.
3. No.
4. Several 'Agents' though this changes.
5. At the moment we have two community managers and one team lead.
6. This will be up to the social media managers. In the past they have represented themselves as a member of the Jagex team.
7. The JMod specific accounts Keywords have access to won't have access in-game.
8. No.
9. Very limited information to allow the team to do moderation and escalations checks.

Note: the accounts being used will be monitored using the same auditing tools we use for internal employees, and will have very restricted access to some internal tools. Significant considerations have been made leading up this partnership to ensure that your details and accounts are safe. If there was any risk we simply wouldn't proceed with this project. As the previous PS anti-hijacking curator and member of the ICU team this is my number 1 priority.

10. We'll look into it. Though as mentioned earlier, whilst these guys won't be directly employed by us we very much see them as an extension of the CM team and want you to do the same.

17-Sep-2018 13:29:31

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