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Follow your heart is a great vegan cheese brand for pizza. All the other brands I've tried are either weird on pizza, or go bad in like 2 days after you open them.

Skip the sauce on the pizza and drizzle with olive oil, add some oregano and garlic, then the vegan cheese. Bake and then cut into thin strips, you'll get some top tier vegan cheese sticks.

CM Brandon said:
- Dairy free cheese... So thats plastic?

Lol, some dairy-free cheeses are basically plastic. Some non-plastic-y brands that are delicious are Chao, Earth Island, or Miyoko's. Avoid Daiya at all costs, it's nasty, and a bad example of dairy-free cheese.

Daiya is garbage if you want it on pizza or something. But if you make something like biscuits with em, it's pretty good. Daiya is useful for its melt. Chao tastes great as cold slices, but chao melts like plastic.
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