CM Brandon? Who are you?!

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CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! :)

To answer some of your questions:

- Dairy free cheese... So thats plastic?

Lol, some dairy-free cheeses are basically plastic. Some non-plastic-y brands that are delicious are Chao, Earth Island, or Miyoko's. Avoid Daiya at all costs, it's nasty, and a bad example of dairy-free cheese.

- Have you posted on the forums prior to becoming a Lmod?

Yes! I've posted on the forums quite a lot on my personal accounts. Lots of posts on social threads, buying/selling things, a few posts looking for clans, clan thread bumps, etc.. :P

- How do we know brandon has really been playing for 14 years?

I mean, you can try quizzing me, but I don't know everything of course, haha. I think the first holiday item that I've got was the Rubber Chicken. WHACK! - I'd need to speak with Hans and see how far off I am from the 15 year cape though.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend :)
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06-Apr-2019 21:50:34

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Welcome. .
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07-Apr-2019 17:07:23

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Glad that Brandon's had a chance to introduce himself!

As Brandon mentioned, I've been showing him the CM ropes and getting him up to speed on things around here, and I think that with his wealth of game experience, as well as his passion and dedication to the community, he'll be a great asset to the CM team as well as the RSOF :)

Now... I see that you're all having fun grilling him for answers, so I'll leave you to it ;)

07-Apr-2019 17:21:30

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